How to Apply

A step by step guide on completing online application through UR Applicants portal.

Before staring your online application consider the following:

  1. Browse our academic programmes through the link at the end of these guidelines. 
  2. Navigate through the program description to check College and programme specific entry requirements. This will inform you about your eligibility to  a particular programme(s).
  3. Take note of programmes that meet your career dreams. The system will allow you to make five choice at maximum.
  4. With the above information you will have understood our College systems and probably made a choice of academic programme(s) you want to apply for. It is now time to learn how the online application system works following guidelines below.
  5. Online application is a 12-steps process. All applicants must first pay application fee after getting the reference/student number. Payment is made  in Bank of Kigali(BK) or Via MTN Mobile Money by using Urubuto. To pay with Mobile Money Dial *775# and follow instructions.
  6. Applicants will be able to continue and complete the application process  after payment. At this stage you will login to the system through Registered Users window.
  7. Please keep the bank slip with you for it may be required when necessary.
  8. After generating a reference number, pay a non-refundable fee of 5000Frw (for Rwandan and EAC citizens) and 6,000 Frw for international applicants, to UR Bank account no00094-0637830-21 Bank of Kigali


STEP 1: Start your application by clicking the Applicant portal from the right of the home page under Quick links and at the end of guideline.

STEP 2: The first application form window: Click on New application

Step 2 image

STEP 3: The prospective students will complete their biographical information

Note: Existing students (those who attempted to apply in the past) will proceed to Step 6

STEP 4: Creation of PIN and STUDENT ACCOUNT in the System.

STEP 5: Starting point on programme selection


At this step you are required to click the I accept button on the bottom


STEP 8: At this step the default Academic Year is 2019 you do not need to fill the field. You only need to type in the search field e keyword (e.g: Accounting, information, medicine) to view the list of programmes related to it.

STEP 9:  Select one programme from the list

STEP 10: choosing a campus and attendance mode ( Where and how would you like to study)

At this stage you must select the campus and attendance mode only other fields are auto filled for new students. Then save and continue.

STEP 11: Confirmation of your choice


  1. At this stage the system blocks your application for verification of payment of the application fee paid in Bank of Kigali(BK) on UR-Internal Revenues Account no 00094-0637830-21 Bank of Kigali.

STEP 12: After paying you can now submit you application.

Congratulations! Your application has been successfully submitted.

To make another choice you must repeat steps (8-11). Remember that you are allowed to make five choices.


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