BSc with Honours in Medical Imaging

Program code: 
Health Sciences

Exit Award: Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Medical Imaging

Campus: Huye and Remera


  1. Four (4)Years for newly Admitted and
  2. 18 months for Bridging

Attendance Mode: Fulltime Day(Huye) and Bridging(Remera)

To be admitted, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  1. At least two (2) Principal passes with at least twenty four (24) points in  the following subjects:
  • Physics/Mathematics and Biology OR
  • Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology
  • Biology-Chemistry-Geography

For Bridging candidates 

Applicants with Advanced diploma will need a letter of commitment from their employer indicating they have been permitted to study fulltime. Additional interview may suffice from the department (to take 18 months)