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You can call the contacts below or email your query to for assistance throughout your application process.


Campus Full names Office Mobile Phone
Busogo NTIBARIKURE Faustin Campus Finance 0788814205
Nyagatare NSHOGOZABAHIZI Egide Campus Finance 0788786414
Nyagatare HABIMANA Theoneste Campus Registry 0739579045
Nyarugenge NYIRANTEZIRYAYO Donathile Campus Finance 0782416177
Nyarugenge MUKARUZAMBA Aletha Campus Registry 0739503380
Rwamagana NDAGIJIMANA Andre Campus Registry 0788548234
Rusizi Charles Banyangirubusa Campus Finance 0783808368
Rusizi NDUWERA Ange de Dieu ICT 0783055394
Remera SAMVURA Jean De Dieu Campus Registry 0739610364
Huye HAKIZIMANA Gratien Campus Finance 0788725973
Huye NYIRANTEZIYAREMYE Eugenie Campus Finance 0781575595
Huye Alphonse UWIRAGIYE Campus Registry 0788658585
Huye Alice KAYITESI Campus Registry 0739610231
Rukara NSABIMANA Donat Campus Finance 0788479116
Rukara UWICYEZA Josiane Campus Registry 0788546697
Gikondo Theophace MUKESHAMAHORO Campus Registry 0780271806