BBA with Honours in Banking

Program code: 

Exit Award: Bachelor of Business Administration with Honours, with specialization in: Banking

Campus: Gikondo Campus

Duration: Three(3) Years

Attendance Mode: Fulltime Evening

To be admitted, prospective candidates must have two principal passes with at least 18 points in the Following subjects:

  1. Mathematics –Physics- Geography (MPG)
  2. Physics – Chemistry-Mathematics (PCM)
  3.    Biology – Chemistry- Geography (BCG)

  4.   Physics-Chemistry-Biology (PCB)

  5.  Mathematics – Economics-Geography (MEG)

  6. Mathematics-Computer Science -Economics (MCE)

  7. Mathematics-Physics-Computer Science (MPC)

  8. Mathematics- Chemistry- Biology (MCB)

  9.  History – Economics- Geography (HEG)

  10. History - Economics- Literature in English (HEL)

  11. Literature in English –Economics-Geography (LEG)

  12. TVET candidates must have at least 30 points with a specialisation in accounting