Call for applications for UR Undergraduate Programmes 2019/2020

Call for applications for UR Undergraduate Programmes 2019/2020

The University of Rwanda informs prospective applicants that the online application system for receiving applications for Undergraduate Programmes to be offered in all Colleges during the Academic Year 2019-2020 is open from Monday 6th May-Friday 30th June 2019.

Applicants are requested to take note of the following important information;

  1. College locations during 2019/2020

i. College of Arts and Social Sciences (CASS), based at Huye

ii. College of Agriculture, Animal Sciences and Veterinary Medicine (CAVM), based at Busogo Campus, but also with programmes taught at Huye and Nyagatare Campuses.

iii. College of Business and Economics (CBE), based at Huye Campus, but also with programmes taught at Gikondo (evening programmes only for Privately sponsored students), Nyagatare and Rusizi Campuses.

iv. College of Education (CE), based at Rukara Campus 

v. College of Medicine and Health Sciences (CMHS), based at Remera, but also with programmes taught at Huye and Rwamagana Campuses.

vi.College of Science and Technology (CST) based at Nyarugenge Campus but also with programmes in School of ICT offered at Huye Campus.

​2.   Minimum entry requirements to specific Colleges  

At least 24 points in 2 principal subjects for admission to programmes in:

  • College of Medicine and Health Sciences ( CMHS),
  • College of Science and Technology (CST) and
  • College of Agriculture, Animal Sciences and Veterinary Medicine (CAVM).

At least 18 points in 2 principal subjects for admission to programmes in:  

  • College of Business and Economics (CBE),
  • College of Arts and Social Sciences (CASS) and
  • College of Education (CE).

Details about programme locations are on the University website under the admissions section.

  1. Application Process

Applications are submitted online going through the following steps;

  •  Go to UR website and click on Admissions section at the main menu bar,
  • Click on “Student Portal”,
  • Login to “New Application” on the left side of the page to create student account,
  • Complete personal information & generate reference number and pin. Please record your student number and PIN before taking any further steps.
  • After generating a reference number, pay a non-refundable fee of 5000Frw (for Rwandan and EAC citizens) and 6,000 Frw for international applicants, to UR Bank account number 00094-0637830-21 Bank of Kigali
  • Payment can either be done through the Bank or through MTN Mobile Money.
  • After payment of the applications fees, continue the application process after 10 minutes
  • Login through Registered Users on the Right side of the Student Portal Page by inserting your student number or reference number and PIN
  • Proceed with steps leading to submission of your application.

While filing in your personal information please make sure your National ID number, phone number email address and index number are correct. Please avoid filling in wrong information and make sure you use your personal ID and contact details.


  1. Guideline for Payment through the Bank

To go to the nearest Branch of Bank of Kigali (BK) with your reference and inform the teller that you want to pay fees via Urubuto University interface. Please do not pay through BK Agents.

  1. Guidelines for payment through MTN Mobile Money


  1.  Dial *775#
  2. Select “University “in the menu
  3. Select “Language”
  4. Select “University of Rwanda”
  5. Select “Pay”
  6. Select “Have registration number”. Registration number is your reference number
  7. Enter your registration number/reference number
  8. Select payment purpose. Applicants will have to select “application fees” and then “Undergraduate”.
  9. Enter amount to pay (5000 frw for Rwanda and EAC applicants and 6000 Frw for Non EAC citizens)
  10. Confirm payment, select “Yes”.
  11. Dial *182#, select 7 for “Ibyemezo bitaranozwa” then enter pin code to finalize payment.
  12. Then proceed with application process to submit your application

3.3. Guidelines to students who applied in the past but did not register

  • Pay application fees using your reference number/student number that was previously obtained
  • Log in to application portal and proceed with application process

3.4. Applicants with foreign qualifications and those with Local qualifications who completed High School before 2011

  • Before applying, obtain an equivalence of your certificates from Rwanda Education Board (REB) for general secondary education or Workforce Development Authority (WDA) for vocation training and Higher Education Council (HEC) for Tertiary Education Qualifications.
  • Then go to UR website and follow steps mentioned in section 3 above to get a reference number.
  • Fill in a special online application form available on admission website through the following link The form shall be submitted together with the following documents;
  1. Certified copy of your Senior Six (S6) certificate and transcripts of your last year of Advanced General Certificate of Secondary Education,
  2. Copy of your National ID card or valid passport
  3. Certified copy of the equivalence with the Rwandan system ( only for applicants with foreign qualifications)

4. Support for online application

Computer labs and support staff are available on each UR campus to facilitate online application.  We encourage applicants to visit our Campuses ( Gikondo, Nyarugenge, Remera, Huye, Rusizi, Rukara, Nyagatare, Rwamagana and Busogo) to be facilitated.


Done at Kigali on 6th May 2019


Professor Nelson IJUMBA

Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Research


Click here to access the signed pdf announcement