FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. I am an international/ EAC candidate, do I need to apply online?

R/ International and EAC candidates are required to fill in only their biographical information on the online application form available on the application portal. The system thereafter generates for you a student number which you use to pay the admission fees and then submit the online form where you can attach scan copies of required documents.

Here is the link to the form https://cmhs.ur.ac.rw/cmh/?q=applicationform

2. Ohh! I have written a wrong name/Index Number, is there any possibility to edit?

R/ Yes , once you have entered and saved wrong or incomplete information such as names, index number or phone number, we can help you to update it. Contact our support team or email us on admissions@ur.ac.rw, for assistance.

You can also edit your index number by clicking on the student administration and then click on personal information update. From there you update your index number and then click on save.

3.  How many choices am I allowed to make during application?

R/ An applicant is allowed to choose five programmes in order of  preference. However, you  may decide to make fewer choices if you so wish.

4. I have forgotten my student number or PIN number, what can I do?

R/ send us an email on admissions@ur.ac.rw and provide your National ID/Passport number. Our team will help you to recover it. If you forgot the PIN only you can request for it by using the Registered Users panel , insert your Student and then click on the reqest PIN button, a system generated default PIN will be sent to your e-mail account.

5. I had attempted to apply in the past and got a student number, what should I do? Do I need to start application as a new applicant?

R/ No, you must use your previously generated student number and PIN and login to our system under the section of "Registered Users". If you do not remember the PIN number please provide your National ID Number or student number to our team to assist you to recover it.

6. I am stuck because of the following error: your ID/ Index number is already exists.

R/ It is because you attempted or have applied before. Just contact our team for help through the above email address.

7. What should I write on the bank deposit slip apart from my names?

R/On the payment slip, you must indicate the University account number, your Student number ( in the depositors names place) and your names(in the address place), Application (in the comment box)

8. I am outside Rwanda, how can I pay the application/Registration fee?

R/ It is simple, just use your local bank and transfer the fee at UR-INTERNAL REVENUE Account number 00094-0637830-21 available at Bank of Kigali(BK). Remember to use the following swift code: BKIGRWRW.

9. I completed senior six before 2011, is it possible to apply online?

R/ Yes, you must fill in your biographical information which helps you to get a system generated student number there after download a PDF application form and submit it to the College of your first choice either physically or by courier on the following address: KK 737 Street, Gikondo, Kigali P.o.Box 5114 Kigali-Rwanda.  

10. Once I am offered a place, is it a guarantee to get a study loan or scholarship?

R/ No, UR only offers you place. Acquiring a study loan is separate process managed by Rwanda Education Board.