Bachelor of Creative Design with Honours

Program code: 

Exit Award: Bachelor of  Creative Design with Honours

Campus: Rubirizi Campus

Duration: Four (4) Years

Attendance Mode: Fulltime Day

Program Summary

This programme specification has been produced to conform to the Rwanda National Qualifications Framework for Higher Education Institutions. Regional and international standards were used as references. The aims and philosophy of the Bachelor of Design Programme is attuned to the mission of the University of Rwanda, of anchoring fast national growth and development through a vibrant art and design industry, by supplying sufficient, well trained, creative, competent professional consultants, designers, and technicians. Overall, graduates acquire knowledge and understanding, intellectual, practical and transferable creative skills into workable durable solutions, of emerging challenges of art and design in the nation of Rwanda.  These graduates are able to adapt easily in the services they render to a country that aspires to evolve rapidly into a developed industrialised competitor in the region and also in the world scene.


To be admitted, the applicant must satisfy:

  1. Two principal passes with at least twenty four (24) points that must include Mathematics.
  2. A demonstrated background in Fine Art or Technical Drawing is an added advantage.
  3. Candidates from Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) with a certificate of at least (40) average from a product or service related trade are welcome.

The first year of the programme is designed to encourage students to experiment across a range of media, techniques and disciplines, and to acquire basic, practical skills and learn vocabulary relevant to Design. Each year has an objective to be achieved through the courses being offered. The strategy is to offer theory courses that support the portfolio (studio) courses being offered each semester and the courses relate and work jointly towards achieving the objective/aim of the semester.

The programme consists of four specializations:

  • Bachelor of Creative Design (Media Design)
  • Bachelor of Creative Design (Communication Design)
  • Bachelor of Creative Design (Environmental Design)
  • Bachelor of Creative Design (Product Design)



These are conducted at the end of the second semester in levels two (2) and four (4). Eight (8) weeks are considered as normal and can run to a maximum of ten (10) weeks.

Career options in creative design include although not limited to the following

  • 3D modeler
  • Animator
  • Event Designer
  • Fashion Designer
  • Furniture Designer
  • Gaming Designer
  • Illustrator
  • Interior Designer
  • Landscape Designer
  • Product Designer
  • TV and Print Advertising Designer
  • Video Production Designer
  • Web Designer

These designers create meaningful messages with compelling images for a variety of outlets. Career paths vary greatly, allowing professionals to explore a wide range of job options. As advances in communication technology redefine our needs, the demand for visionaries and skilled designers is likewise projected to grow and expand.Designers develop creative, innovative and persuasive strategies to communicate ideas, information and visual stimuli to a wide range of audiences. In this degree students learn to create visual material across a variety of visual formats and channels including: mass media: web, film and television, advertising, publishing, industry or commerce.